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    dear saab enthousiasts,

    sorry, i dont speak swedish.
    im Nick, 23 years old from the netherlands. i own a very lovely saab 99 (metalic green) from 1979 with a b-engine.
    though since a few months i have experienced trouble with my engine. so i was thinking about putting a different engine with different gearbox in the car. i was thinking about a b204 of similar model with the gearbox and a turbo. this will make the car much more reliable, as the b-engine has sadly left me stranded more than once:(. and also in respect to the future the upgrade of the engine will be benificial, as the parts of the old saab engine are getting scarce.

    In the Netherlands this swap has, to my knowledge, not been performed. so i have no information about how it will be, and what difficulties to face.
    i know that the engine mounts need to be changed, the exchaust, maybe the cluch hose, and the drive shafts will need to be shortened.

    it is quite an extensive list. so id like to get as much knowledge about the swap as possible. i have seen some pictures about swedisch 99’s with a b204 (or similar) engine so i know it has been done.
    can anyone give me some information if someone has posted this engine swap online? or general information about swapping the engine of the 99.
    if it has been posted in swedish im also interested, as i have a friend who can translate.

    thank you in advance,


    for those that like pictures, here is a picture of the saab i own

    krister k
    Morten S.

    Nice car.
    Here is my car.
    It does not look very good, but is technical in good condition


    Been a Saab owner since 1987.
    I have owned at least 30 Saabs, mainly older Saabs.
    Today I have:
    1960 93F
    1967 96 Monte Carlo 850
    1974 96 "rally car"
    1989 900i 5 dørs
    2007 9-3 SC

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    • Det här svaret redigerades för 1 år, 4 månader sedan av .

    @krister k
    interesting article. although i was looking more about info on motor swaps with b204 or b234 engines from saab 9000 and saab 900ng of saab 9-3.
    the things that im still questioning is how the drive shafts will fit, or if they will need to be shortened. i think the engine and gearbox will probably fit with some modifications, as its quite a compact engine. but im not sure about the drive shaft.
    i know the engine has been used in other cars, because of the turbo, and the high torque and horsepower which it can produce.

    so in general if anyone knows more about an engineswap with a b204, b234 or similar engine.. it would surely help.

    @Morten S.
    nice car! it is metallic green too, just like mine. i like the color a lot. my car too has quite a few rust spots which have been painted, painted dark green. it is hard to match the metallic green color of the car. but i dont mind, the car is 39 years old, so it may look that way:)

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    • Det här svaret redigerades för 1 år, 4 månader sedan av .

    This is maybe not exactly what you asked for but it could give you some inspiration.
    This Saab 99 -70 was described in a Swedish magazine ”Klassiker”

    / Björn

    e larsson

    I think the B202 is more reliable than the B204/234 engine. The gearbox is a different story but if you are satisfied with a maximum of 220-230hp, then I would go for the B202.

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