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    I am hoping someone will be able to help. I am starting a new project to build a V4 race track replica and my biggest hurdle at the moment is finding out what wheels were used. The following are two images from a car raced in 1971.

    I have no details on what they are but they must be 13″ or 14″ diameter and possibly 7″ wide. 4-bolt but not sure of the diameter, could be for the 4-bolt sports hub or I have heard that BMW and Opel hubs were used.

    Does anyone know more about these wheels and what size tires may have been fitted.

    Am kind of stuck with the project till I work this out.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    truls herland

    These wheels looks very much like Renault Alpine.

    I can’t for sure say, but the car was around that time

    They look more like 9″ wide



    Truls – Thanks for the info. I will start searching around to see if I can find images of an Alpine with this type of wheel. Think that would be a good starting point.

    If the wheels are 9″ wide then I think the rim size is 12″ or 13″ at the most, maybe smaller.

    I have found some widened steel rims from an opel with 255x50x14 and 195x?x14 tires but haven’t found out the actual size of the rim, anyone have an idea!

    Forgot to mention that replies can be in English or Swedish.


    Morten S.

    Alpine hadde vel 3 bolts felger fram til slutten av 70-tallet? Da Alpine 310 kom.
    En del biler ble sikkert bygget om, men da brukte man vel uoriginale felger.

    Been a Saab owner since 1987.
    I have owned at least 30 Saabs, mainly older Saabs.
    Today I have:
    1960 93F
    1967 96 Monte Carlo 850
    1974 96 "rally car"
    2007 9-3 SC



    även om de är ”renault lika” så var det ju många av deras leverantörer som gjorde fälgar till eftermarknaden också. Gotti är ju en klassiker inom Renault men de gjorde ju även fälgar till andra.



    Thanks for all the info, I have done a bit of searching and I was able to find Gotti rims with 4 bolts, they are actually for the A110, it seems there was an option to have 4-bolt hubs/wheels.

    And ATS rims that are a little closer in style but with 5 spokes.

    I thought the rims on the V4 at the beginning of the thread would have been common, thats why I am looking for information on them. But I am happy to use any wheel that would have been used on the V4’s in 1970-1971.

    Did they use widened steel rims, or where there other alloy rims that were used or would be appropriate.

    What would be a good tire size that would look correct on a V4 race replica.


    Det här är ju ursprunget och det häftigaste!



    Under denna perioden fanns en hel del tillverkare av lättmetallfälgar så att hitta på exakt rätt tillverkare är nog svårt. Bara i England fanns det nog åtskilliga som postorderfirmor i sverige importerade. Rally prylar under 70 talet var en mycket het grej och firmor som importerade var många.



    Sten-Arvid – Agree, the car does look good the way it is set up. The car I am looking a building will have widened wheel arches front and back and lowered about 2-3 inches.

    Stefan – I have searched a number of English sites and they are also having difficulty coming up with names of manufacturers from the 70’s.

    I suppose the best I can do is work out what the best tire width would be to fit on the car with SS&R wide wheel arches. I was thinking of using 14″ rims so that I didn’t change the wheel diameter too much, going down to 13″ will probably mean having to modify the gearbox for road use. Anyone got an idea as to the width I should be looking at 225?



    Det sitter JP fälgar på bilderna!!




    Fredrik – Thanks. I have done a number of searchs for JP wheels but cannot find anything like this. Mind you it is not easy finding images of the JP wheels for the Sonett/V4. I have a funny feeling these will be even harder to find.

    Does anyone know what width tire will fit on the V4 with widened fenders without going out side the fenders. Would 255 be too wide.

    Also, when making adapters for the 5 bolt hub, would it be a problem going to 4×100.




    I am running 205/50 wheels on my V4 (MY77) in the front and 195/50 in the rear and this fits. It is is tight in the rear but it works.
    The car has been converted to the 99 (114.3) 4-bolt pattern.

    It has been lowered 6cm in the front and I dont remember how much in the back so now it looks as a normal car!!!

    To use the Opel(?) 4/100 my guess it shouldnt cause a problem. Its a good idea, then you have a whole bunch of avaliable rims to choose from.



    Andreas – Thanks for the information. Do you have any images of the car you could post so we could see how the car looks with the wheels. Out of interest, are you using 14 or 15″ rims.

    There have been a number of wheel adapters made from the V4 5-bolt to 4 bolt, would it weaken the adapter if both 4×100 and 4×108 (or 4×114.3) where drilled (45 degrees from each other).



    Hej Gary,

    vanligtvis borrar man inte hål för bult i spacern, utan man monterar i pinnbultar som du hänger hjulen på. Att ha två olika uppsättningar bultcirklar blir då inte praktiskt. Vanligtvis är spacers av aluminium, och jag antar att vanliga i-gängade bultar inte hålls kvar. Kolla med Manton Racing – han har bra information – http://www.manton.se

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